12V LED Strip Lights Warm White 12*25mm Neon LED Strip

  • Anti-Yellowing and Heat Resisting Silicon Glue, Chemical Resistance Acid and Alkaline,
    Available for Extremely Terrible Outdoor Environment.
  • Excellent Flexibility to Shape Optionally.
  • Uniform and Soft Luminance, No Light Spot.
  • Super Brightness Large Chip, Golden Wire Welded and Copper LED Holder for Quicker Heat Dissipation, Higher Stability, Longer Life Span.
  • Leadless SMT Technique(RoHS Certificated), Smooth Welding Joint, Firm Connection of Led and PCB.
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Neon led strip specification

Flexible LED neon lights are becoming the gold standard in light tech design all over the United States. You can see them being utilized in outdoor venues like museums, hotels, gyms, schools, concert halls, clubs, bars, and hotels. They also make excellent indoor lighting choices like shopping mall advertising, backlighting, aisle lighting, decorations, and even playgrounds. The recent popularity on social media sites has increased the demand for flexible LED neon lights in people’s apartment buildings, dorm rooms, and private homes. They make a great outdoor lighting improvement to your backyard area.

Product characteristic:

* 12*25 Neon led strip have 5V, 12V, 24V type.

* Main color have: pure white, warm white, cool white, RGB, addressable RGB type.

* For white color the CRI have 80 and 90.

* It’s IP67 type, if need IP68 pls inform us more.

Part No: Input Voltage Size Color Cover Material Max Power Min Cut IP Grade Operating Temperature:
LW-T1225-5VRGB 5V 12*25mm Addressable RGB Silicon 12-14W/M 5cm IP67 .-25℃ to +60℃
LW-T1225-24V 24V 12*25mm RGB Silicon 12-14W/M 10cm IP67 .-25℃ to +60℃
LW-T1225-24V 24V 12*25mm White Silicon 12-14W/M 10cm IP67 .-25℃ to +60℃

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