D25 Casual cutting 360° LED neon light UL, TUV CE, CB certficates

Model D25
Detailed item code S2835L240V24WW27K8IP20-10-NW
Detailed item code S2835L240V24WW30K8IP20-10-NW
Detailed item code S2835L240V24NW40K8IP20-10-NW
Detailed item code S2835L240V24W60K8IP20-10-NW
FPC width 10mm
Cutting unit Casual cut
Power 19.2w/meter
Operating temperature -20℃~+45℃
Storage temperature 0℃~+60℃
Certification UL E487469, CE, ROHS, CB
Surface color White
Standard length 5005*25mm
Application Indoor
Installation way Pendant, Surface mounted, Recessed
Protection grade IP20
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