Blue LED Strip Lights 12V 9.5x18mm Single Color Neon

1. Our SMD LED Use Copper Base and Gold Wire Which Provide Good Heat Dispersion, Long Life Span and Low Luminous Decay.
2. Our Flexible PCB Are All High Quality Double Layers PCB, at Least 2 Ounces, or 3 Ounces in Particular Models.
3. We Always Require Same Bin Number Smd LEDs for Different Production Batches for the Same Customer.
4. We Have Everfine Integrating Sphere to Test the Color Temperature of Incoming SMD LEDs and Put It in Our QC Records for Every Batch. Normally 5 Macadam LED is +/-100k
5. We Can Produce 3 Macadam LED Strip/Tape as Customer Request.

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Products Details:
01.High Quality Single led strip , 24V input , 6led per group, 10pcs pixel.

02. Waterproof Connectors
Male and Female connectors easy connect by hands, and good for waterproof. With this can make the whole strip waterproof.

03. Different length
We can make different length as customer request. The shortest length is 5cm. The longest length is 20M -30M powered both end without voltage drop.

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