What is RGBCCT LED light?

RGBCCT LED strip is the latest light strip launched on the market recently. It combines RGB, white and warm white colors to meet the needs of customers for more colorful light strips. Customers can choose white color or warm white color in the RGBCCT light strip , even if it is used for a long time.Before RGB are standard LED lights that are capable of producing over 16 million colors.And a very limited type of  white color.But RGBCCT strip can meet customers’ requirement or single white color or warm white color.

The RGBCCT light strip is made of 5-in-1 chip lamp Chip. Manufacturing this kind of light strip requires a high level of technology, because led chips of this kind of light strip are relatively large, but the PCB of the LED light strip is only 12MM, and the spacing of the lamp chip will become narrower, so the welding requirements are very high.  It is very easy to have problems when production.

The cost of RGBCCT strips will a little higher when compare with the regular led strip.But it is really worth for it.Because it can have more choices of the colors.And now have more and more excellent RGBCCT led controllers come out.It is more smart,some are zigbee control,or if you like,customers still can use DMX control it.With the RGB CCT LED controller, you can freely change brightness level, select static colors or color changing modes, adjust pure white to any color temperature that your RGB CCT LED strip allows, or blend white into colored lights for richer and more brilliant colors.And also can through the wifi which is can use the phone to control the RGBCCT LED Strip which is meet different smart control.

There are not many factories in the market that can make RGBCCT LED Strip light well, and it needs very experienced welding personnel to complete it. We are a factory  very specializing in making light strips with more than 15 years of experience. We have very rich experience and a high degree of market acumen, which can better help our customers develop their markets. Our RGBCCT LED Strip can do 12v/24v voltage,usually we can do 5meters per reel.But if has customers special request,we can do 10meters per reel.Regarding the packing of led strips ,we can do OEM design to meet customers higher requirment.We have already exported to our customers with many RGBCCT light strips,their quality are very good quality.The RGBCCT led strip light is still very new design product in the market. It will more and more customers know it and request it.So the market demand still very large .RGBCCT LED Strip is a very good product that good for your market.If you like RGBCCT Led Strip,welcome to contact us.We will be your best led strip partner.Besides the RGBCCT LED Strip,we still have LED NEON with different colors,RGB,RGBW,RGBCCT LED panels,RGBCCT LED Floods.And also different kinds of COB LED Strip,High Voltage led strip with 110V/22OV which is no need power supply.RGB LED Strip,RGBW/RGBWW LED Strip.The customers will like the quality of our products.