Our new COB style tape lights provide a seamless, dot free color changing lighting experience with no visible hotspots. Featuring chip on board (COB) LEDs, these strips are designed to fit into low profile channels or to be stuck directly to the mounting substrate. Choose from RGB, RGBW, RGBWW, or RGB + CCT depending on your specific lighting needs. Each strip requires 24VDC input and can be controlled using the appropriate color controller. Color changing COB strips are available in meter or full 5 meter reel lengths.

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Our COB LED Strip Light series offers a continuous line of lighting with no visible LED dots (hot spots). Utilizing flip chip technology, the smaller LEDs can be fitted tightly and weigh less than 5050 LEDs, allowing for increased flexibility and thermal management. These strips are perfect for narrow applications such as display cases and backlighting, as well as areas with reflective surfaces like granite and tile. The spotless output make them ideal for any project.


LED Type COB (chip-on-board)
LED Density 896 pcs per meter
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Light Color RGB+warm white(3000K), RGB+cool white(6500K Cool White) Available
Max Power 15 W/m
Beam Angle 180 degree
Dimmable Yes (requires controller)
Finish (PCB color) White
PCB Width 12mm (0.47″)
Cut points every 50mm
Reel Length 5 meters (16.4ft)/reel
Connection Type Pigtail

Non-waterproof IP20

Operating Temp -20~+45 °C (-4~+113 °F)
Product Lifetime 50,000 Hours

rgbw led strip

The LED strip is highly flexible, allowing you to customize the brightness to perfectly suit your decorating needs. Meanwhile, the led strip is flexible and compatible with all types of bay, app, you can choose the perfect combination for your decoration and lighting needs.
very soft: The light bar is soft, easy to bend, and can be adjusted at any time. Dual ribbon adjustable rotating ball allows for adjustment without ever breaking.
led strip: The led strip full kit comes with all essential parts, which will provide you a new lighting vision.

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