DMX512 RGB LED Wall Washer Light features square size

DMX 512 RGB LED WALL Washer Light feature square size

*36W RGB High Power Led Wall washer

*IP65 Waterproof for outdoor use

*At standalone Mode,control the wall washer by Push-Button on the light body

*At DMX 512 Mode,can control the light via DMX 512 controller system

*Master /Slave mode Settable

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DMX512 RGB LED Wall Washer Light features

IP65 DMX led wall washer Light.The program control, illusion of a variety of wall washing effects, so that the lighting is extraordinarily colorful. The wall-washing lamp has a special length of use, which can ensure long-term continuous use in the outdoor.

Name: LED high power wall washer lamp
Size: (L) 334 x (W) 145 x 230mm
Light source: 36*1W high power LED
Beam angle: 8-60 degree
Control mode: Standard DMX controls or self controller
Shell material: Aluminum alloy
Voltage input: AC85V-AC256V
Recommend work temperature: -40 degree~+50degree
IP Rating: IP 65
Max power: 36 W

Instruction of Buttons:

1. Set up DMX address

When the digital is not flashing, press A.

Then you will see the digital begin to flash, press A once again to activate the digital moves backward.

Now you can start to edit the second digital.

Press B, the corresponding flash digital increase one bit (the values between 0 and 9).

*** Range of valid address:001-512.

2. Adjust and select the function when in independent mode

After pressing A for 4times (the first 3times is for setting DMX address), the wallwasher enter into independent mode;

The digital now shows as PXY;

Press A once to activate the digital move backward, now you can choose the function via X and parameter via Y;

Press B, the corresponding flashing digital add one bit (the values if from 0 to 9);

X refers to functions (the value is from 1 to A);

Y refers to value of speed and gray degree for functions.

X value Y value
0- black outNull
1- single red1-9 class gray degree
2- single green1-9 class gray degree
3- single blue1-9 class gray degree
4- single yellow1-9 class gray degree
5- single purple1-9 class gray degree
6- single cyan1-9 class gray degree
7- single white1-9 class gray degree
8- multicolor jumping1-9 class speed
9- multicolor fading1-9 class speed
A/10 multicolor flashing1-9 class flash speed


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