COB LED STRIP WITH 528,504,480,360LED/M

Adopt High brightness COB LED chips, low light decay

Double layer pure cooper 2oz PCB 8mm/ 10mm

12V/ 24 optional; waterproof and non-waterproof optional

Easy to install and preserve; can be bent freely; 3M adhesive on the backside

High color efficiency, uniform illumination

Beam Angle 180°

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The most innovative LED Strip light for year 2019 was the Chip on board COB Flexible LED Tape Light. Its high-density chips provide a uniform light line without any dot or dark spots. You can now use any diffuser or no diffuser without worrying about the depth of the profile.,

These strip lights are easy to install and gives a better lighting effect. The COB strip has CRI >90 so these lights reproduces colors more effectively and produces a higher quality of light output. Higher CRI increases the superior lighting effect and higher performance.

COB led strip have 24V, 12V type.

  • Back With Double Side Adhesive Tape
  • CRI have 80, 90, 95
  • The PCB width is 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm.
  • PCB width VS Watts :8mm width 12V=8W/M 24V=10W/M

10mm width 12V=10W/M 24V=14W/M


  • PCB width VS Watts :8mm width 12V=8W/M 24V=10W/M
  • The backing 3M can be another type as you want. Normal use is 3M 300MP.
  • Waterproof IP: IP20 and IP65
  • Main color is: 2700+/- 150K; 3000+/- 200K; 4000+/- 250K; 6000K+/- 350K.


COB LED strip for cutting








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