Usually customer will have a question:how to deal with waterproof high voltage strips after cuting.Because if not take the correct action,the waterproof strips will easy go into water by its end caps or head connectors.

Here is the video to tell you.


High voltage strips is made of PVC,so the gluewater that use for the high voltage strips need to be PVC gluewater.

Pls do not use silicone gluewater for the high voltage led strips.Because tthe silicone gluewater has no action with the PVC high voltage led strips.So it is not waterproof of the high voltage led strip,then the water will easy go inside.

After add the PVC gluewater on the high voltage led strips,pls must use the waterproof 3M electrical tape. 3M electrical tape is used for the second waterproofing. Because when the high voltage strips usually exposed to wind and rain outside, the glue expands and contracts with heat, so it will easily lead to water ingress.

If not tell customers this easy and important skill,when outside using have problem, usually they will say the quality of the strips make problems.

But in fact, correct using the high voltage led strips is very important.We are the manufacturer of led strips in China for more than many years,with the professional experience,we will train you to be the excellent person who know led strips light very much.Contact us for cooperation,we will be your best parter with the led strips light !