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RGB controller

Content: Product Name: RGB controller


The RGB controller is designed for LED lighting dimmer, controling modules, LED ribbons, LED bars, High Power LED modules and other LED lighting fixtures.12V DC power supply and the controller form the complete LED lighting dimmer system.

Working temperature: -25~60 º C
Voltage in/output: 12V DC
Measurement: 127*65*25mm
Connection: Common Anode
Rated load power: 144W
Rated load current: 10A
Max load current: 15A
Output: Three CMOS output.
Controling method: Four buttons, wireless control(effective within 100 meters).
Buttons (from top to bottom): MODE, UP, DOWN, ON/OFF
MODE: To press one time to achieve one mode. Total 11 modes.
UP: To speed up color changing. To press one time, the colors change will be more faster. To press steadily, the changing will become quicker until to the quickest. The green signal will light when pressing unless the changing rates reach to the highest.
DOWN: To slow down the color change. Same as the UP button method.
ON/OFF: To press one time, the controller will work or shut off.

Mode: 1. Static red, 2. Static green, 3. Static red/green mix. 4. Static blue, 5. Static red/blue mix, 6. Static green/blue mix, 7. Static red/green/blue mix. 8. Jumpy cycle changing, 9. Disorder flash changing, 10. Gradual cycle changing, 11. Disorder gradual changing.

1) Make sure working voltage of products must be 12V DC or it will be damaged.
2) The wireless remote control should be powered by 23A, 12V battery.
3)Please connect according to the above sketch map. The connection port can be pulled out.
4) When the power is on, the red indicator will light while the green indicator doesn't. The controller is waiting for work. To press the ON/OFF button, it will began to work. The green indicator will flash when press any button unless it is out of work.
5) UP and DOWN button: It can work only when the controller is in color changing mode.
6) Our packing is one wireless control matched one RGB controller. Please do not use other wireless control or it will not work.

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