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24Key Controller

Content: Product Name: 24Key Controller


Product Description

24 key infrared RGB Manual flash controller
Operating temperature: -20-60º C
Supply voltage: DC12V
Output: Road emitter output
Connection: Were positive (total overcast)
Maximum load: Each 6A
Controller size: 50 * W 35 * H 22mm
Size remote control: 84* W 53* H 7mm

1. Mainly used in various models of various types of LED lights of the control to appear as a standard controller in different colors;
2. LED modules can be RGB-based color control, such as: Piranha module, lamp module, such as straw;
3. Some low-voltage lights can be color control strings.

Brightness+(a total of 8) Brightness-(a total of 8) close Open
Red Green Blue White
Orange Light green Dark blue Colorful hopping
Deep yellow Blue Brown Gradually dimming out
Yellow Light blue Pink Rainbow Gradient
Yellow Light blue Purple Hopping tricolor

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