Price different between the LED lights

In recent years,the led market is very fast developing.However, the price of all kinds of LED lights are have some distance,and the quality is different too.

Now the led light is nearly has the same market as the energy saving lamp.And more and more customers will buy LED light more than the energy saving lamp.LED is new technology,compared with energy saving lamp,the light is better,more power and longer lifespan. For example,the brightness of a  20-watt LED lights will better than 40-watt energy-saving lamps,and power consumption can save more than half.

Each led company will have different led brand chips for selling,and also there is a big difference in price between different products.For example,the price of the 5W LED spotlight, the ranging from 2USD to 8 USD, some even up to more than 13USD.Why there is some big different?The reason is quality,material,the light effect and life span are different.When you compared the led spots,you will feel the expensive one will much heavy,the led driver is not the same too,you also can see the different on the appearance.And the light of the expensive spot will much soft and with good lighting.About the cheap spot,you will find the light dim after a half year using.

But now almost all the led suppliers said the lifespan of the led lights are 30000-50000hours,but when do the guarantee is only 1-3years.The lifespan of LED lighting seems to be a “concept” for the customers.It is hard for the customers to choose a good led product.But pls trust us,we will be your reliable led partner.