110V/220V led strip VS 12V/24V led strip lights

LED strip is very hot all over the world. It mains included high voltage led strip and low voltage led strip:

1) 110V or 220V LED strip(High voltage strip)

2) 12V or 24V led strip

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What is the difference?

1, Input voltage

High voltage led strip can be plug in wall socket directly, low voltage need 120v/220v to 12v/24 voltage converter.

2, cutting

High voltage led strip cut by every one meter or 0.5 meter, low voltage led strip cut by every led or 3 leds.

3, installation

High voltage led strip just use mounting clips and screws, low voltage led strip use double side tape, mounting clips and screws.

4, safety

Low voltage led strip is more safe. It can be touch when powered on, as to high voltage led strip, people must powered off when you want to touch.

5, running length

Running length is high voltage advantage, they can run 100M Max. continue, but low voltage just can run 5M or 10M max.

6, waterproof

All high voltage led strip is waterproof, but low voltage have IP22,IP65 and IP68 waterproof rate difference.

7, control

For RGB led strip, high voltage it is hard to control the color change, but low voltage will be easy more by general controller, DMX system, DALI system, amplifier controller, etc…..

8, brightness

Because high voltage led strip’s silicon protection cover, the lumen will be discounted.