LED DMX Decoder,3 Channel,4A

The 12VDC RGB LED DMX Decoder can run on stand alone mode or under DMX control. It receives standard DMX-512 digital control signals and converts to PWM (pulse width modulation) signals for driving LEDs. Connect to any DMX digital console to achieve dimming and and various color changing patterns.

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Product Specifications

Applications:  Neccessary conversions of DMX to PWM signals for driving LEDs
Function: Control 3 channel 12VDC LED products or any one RGB LED Light Bar or Strip using DMX console or standalone mode with onboard DIP switches
Operating Voltage:   12~24 Volts DC (use only 12VDC power with 12VDC LEDs)
Connection Mode:   Common Anode (+)
Output:  Three CMOS output RGB
Maximum Load Current:   4 Amps/channel (12 Amps total)
Output Power:  144 Watts
Overall Size:  (L)166 X (W)67 X (H)41 mm
Control Method:  DMX512 RJ45 / DMX512 3-pin XLR / Standalone DIP switches
Standalone Modes: 9 total (7 static and 2 dynamic) see desc. below
Operating Temperature: -25~60°C

Control Functions

1.) Standalone mode is activated when FUN(10)=ON, the following functions can be set using address codes DIP switch

Coding Switch Function
switch 1-9=OFF OFF
Switch 1=ON Red
Switch 2=ON Green
Switch 3=ON Blue
Switch 4=ON Yellow
Switch 5=ON Purple
Switch 6=ON Cyan
Switch 7=ON White
Switch 8=ON Seven Color Change Instant (speed function activated – see coding below)
Switch 9=ON Seven Color Change Fading (speed function activated – see coding below)
Coding Switch Speed Function (When 8 or 9=ON and 10=ON)
Switch 1-7=OFF Slowest Color Change Mode
Switch 1=ON 1 Step Faster
Switch 2=ON 2 Steps Faster
….. …..
Switch 7=ON Fastest Color Change Mode

2.) DMX signal can be received when FUN(10)=OFF, along with using either the DMX512 RJ45 input/output interface or the DMX512 3-pin XLR input/output interface

Typical Wiring Schematic